Custom Embroidery

     Customize your order with our new embroidery options. Add your pets name/nickname, birthday or anything else you love.

We have many options to make your collars, bandannas, and/or treat bags your own.  Your pets will love them just as much as you will.

Tips on placing your order

*Not all colors will look great on your products.  Choose a color that will be most visible so you can read it well.
*The size of the font is just as important.  On most products, I use a medium font, but you can choose whatever size you would like.  I use the small font on x-small bandannas and small or x-small collars.
*Be aware of the amount of characters you want on your product.  The smaller the font the more characters your can have. Most medium size fonts will allow 6-8 characters with up to three lines.
*Choose your product and in the notes section, tell me your style number, font size, and what you want written.  I will do my best to make sure the color and size work great on your products. If I have any concerns, I will contact you so please include the best way you can be contacted.
*Only a few patterns are available for embroidery at this time.  If you would like to see if another pattern is available, please send us an email and I will check our inventory.

Choose your style and color from the list below

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