Organic Puppy Paws - Paw Balm/Conditioner

Organic Puppy Paws - Paw Balm/Conditioner

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Organic Puppy Paws is a conditioner for dog’s paw pads, noses, or dry spots.  Your dog’s paws can get dry and cracked walking around on concrete sidewalks or in the harsh weather.  Take care of them by applying Puppy Paws liberally as needed.  It absorbs quickly and is ok if your dog licks it.   

All organic and boosted with natural oils that help promote healing and calming. 


Ingredients: Organic Coconut oil, Organic Olive oil, Organic Bees wax, Organic Shea butter, Organic Vitamin E, Organic Natural Oils

**This product is made in a home kitchen and is not inspected by any state or federal entity. **

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